Friday, May 1, 2009

Room in the choir (or band)

Many activities in school require trying out and intense competition but in music a goal is to be inclusive. Any student has the ability to sing in a choir or play in the school band. There is room for any student who wants to participate and everyone has equal responsibility. It is an important and true representation of teamwork.

Jazz in schools

Jazz music so often gets put aside in schools today. Unless the school has a jazz band most students never get involved in improvisation this is funny because improvising a melody is a national standard in music. Since it is a national standard created by our government shouldn't all students be exposed to improvisation? I think so.

Teaching Music

Learning music is a very important part of the American education system. It teaches students the an art that is very important to all cultures and something that every human on the face of this planet experiences in some form or another. Music is not only about having fun and entertaining but can be used in many ways as a gateway to cross curricular activity.